A R N I E   C O O P E R

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Growing up in New York City in the 1960’s, Arnie Cooper spent a good portion of his childhood counting quarters in his father’s laundromat. And though he didn’t have what it t
akes to become a laundromat entrepreneur he is eternally grateful to the number seven machine, which, under his father’s watchful eye, funded his college education. After several non-descript jobs, including working as an assistant for “Billy the Tree-man,” managing a copy shop and “proofreading” balance sheets at one of the Big 8 accounting firms–he secretly spent most of the day reading the New York Times–Cooper began teaching English as a Second Language in 1987. A freelance writer since 2000, Cooper covers the built environment, food, science, technology and the arts. He is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, and The Sun Magazine. Cooper’s writing has also appeared in Esquire, Outside, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and The Village Voice. (Don’t miss his groundbreaking story about pachyderm vasectomies which appeared in Wired Italia in 2011.)

In his spare time, he travels and mountain bikes from his home base in Santa Barbara, California.


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